Total Intelligence Group conducts Background Checks

The FBI released that they have see over a 53% increase in corporate espionage. Many business consultants that your competitors hire are willing to use your employees to spy on your business.

Vetting prospective employees, business partners, and outside vendors in not only smart

business, it is essential in today’s marketplace. A small amount of time and money spent on a background check can lead to significant savings in the future, as background investigations can help you minimize your exposure to fraud, theft, and inside threats. Accurate and reliable background investigations are a vital part of protecting any organization.

In fact, a thorough background check/investigation conducted by Total Intelligence Group is your first line of defense against potential issues that could negatively impact your

organization. Total Intelligence Group’s comprehensive background investigations should be part of your organization’s standard due diligence, giving you the peace of mind that that you have chosen the right people to grow and manage your organization. Total Intelligence Group stands ahead of the competition. We utilize the same databases that are used by federal law enforcement agencies, state law enforcements agencies, and national intelligence agencies for vetting and credentialing. Using these databases, we can provide you with more than just the same standard background check offered by everyone else. Total Intelligence Group can customize a background investigation using more than 100 different search parameters, helping you get precisely the information your organization needs and wants.

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