July Terror Threat Snapshot

With everything that is currently going on in this country, sometimes we forget about the ongoing efforts of law enforcement and government agencies to combat homegrown terrorists or those influenced by the likes of ISIS. Every month, the Homeland Security Committee publishes a terror threat snapshot to help notify the public of the continued threats posed by ISIS and other terrorist organizations. I could regurgitate to you in the next few paragraphs what is in the report, but it's only seven pages and I'm sure you could spare the time to skim through it or read it in its entirety. The July snapshot can be found HERE (I made it easy for you to find) and there is also an interesting interactive map that shows all the homegrown jihadist cases since 9/11 (HERE is that link).

What I wanted to do was to draw attention to the Homeland Security Committee. The committee was established in 2002 to provide oversight to the newly formed Department of Homeland Security. Remember, DHS was formed after 9/11 with the intent of increasing communications between law enforcement agencies within the US in order to open the flow of intelligence sharing. Has it helped? I won't comment as that is a whole other topic.

Back to the Homeland Security Committee. The committee has six subcommittees that focus on everything from securing our borders, to cybersecurity, to emergency preparedness. The committee has passed 92 bills through the House with six of them becoming public law. The committee's work is important to ensure that the Department of Homeland security is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To learn more about the House Committee on Homeland Security, click HERE (I'm making this way to easy for you).

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