Non-Profits & Fiscal Responsibility

Confused, right? Why would a private intelligence firm be writing about non-profits and fiscal responsibility? Are we a non-profit? Nope. Are we financially responsible for a non-profit? Nope. So, what is the purpose of writing this?

Late last year we were contacted by a large non-profit organization in Broward County that was interested in some training opportunities that we offered. In discussions with them, we also realized that they wanted to streamline their vetting process. All their employees and volunteers are required to have Level II (fingerprinting) background investigations, a driver’s check and drug screen in order to work there. The lightbulb went off. We were already offering fingerprinting and driver’s checks, so adding drug screening wouldn’t take that much. We gave them a great price and threw in an added bonus…FREE quarterly training for their employees and volunteers. Combine that with doing fingerprinting at their location and they were (and still are) thrilled.

We have now conducted two on-site training sessions to include de-escalation and active shooter and will be doing at least two more before the end of the year. The client is happy. They are saving money, streamlining their vetting process, and receiving free training that is important to their employees and volunteers.

If you are a non-profit and interested in hearing more, please email us at

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