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Employment Screening Services

Criminal, SSN Verification, Employment, Driving Record, Education and much more.

Drug Screening

10-Panel, 5-Panel, DOT approved testing services provided via LabCorp.

TIG Checks, powered by TIG Solutions, puts all your employment screening services in one place. Our services provide even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to conduct proper due diligence on potential employees as well as tenants. We can customize our employment screening services to meet your needs and our affordable costs will fit  your budget. Select via our a la carte menu to give you exactly what you require. Make the right decision before the wrong decision catches up to you. Along with our employment screening services, we are excited to soon be able to provide landlords with tenant screening services.  



Our background investigation process can be 100% tailored to meet your needs.  Your competitive price will be based on the type of information you request and the amount of investigations you want completed. We will work with you to make sure all your background needs are met.         

Our Reports:

- Basic Background Check

  1. National Criminal

  2. County Criminal

  3. Sex Offender Registry

  4. SSN Verification

- Education Verification *Fees may apply depending on the institution

- Driving Record *Price varies by state

- Employment Verification *Price Varies


If you are adding a mid to senior or executive member to you organization, we can provide you everything above plus:                            

- Assets                                           

- Business History

- Bankruptcy History

- Court Filings

- Professional Licenses

- News Mentions

- Social Media



We have recently added pre-employment drug screening to our employment screening services through LabCorp. We are also able to handle all your worker's compensation drug screen needs and any random drug screens your organization may need. We offer 10-panel, 5-panel, and DOT screens. If your company participates in the Florida Drug Free Workplace Program, we can offer you a great deal on your screens. All our screens are under $40.