With our backgrounds rooted in military intelligence as well as experience working with law enforcement and emergency response services, we have developed two (2) courses tailored to intelligence analysts and investigators. These are basic level courses that will provide participants with  a foundation on which to develop and build their skill sets. The material that we have developed and present is not the end all, be all on these topics. We have drawn on our experiences as well as the experiences of our outside partners to create engaging experiences meant to get the participants thinking about "What's Next?" 

Our current list of training includes: 


Learning how to think like an analyst is a skill that takes years to fully develop and must be continually improved upon in order to reach one's fully potential. This course will cover topics to include:


  • The Intelligence Cycle

  • Critical Thinking

  • Methods of Analytical Thought

This is a great way to introduce new analysts to their field and can also provide experienced analysts the opportunity to grow their analytical toolkit. 


There are many programs and tools available to analysts and investigators that can enhance their processes and provide them ways to visually see their information in a link diagram. i2 Analyst's Notebook is used by agencies from the Federal, State, & Local levels to aid in organizing information as well as identify connections between entities that may not have been know before. Understanding how i2 Analyst's Notebook works and how analysts and investigators can use it in their daily routine is key. This course will cover basic topics to include:

  • Chart Creation

  • Manipulation of Entities, Links, & Attributes

  • Importing of Structured Data

  • Display Functions & Printing

If your agency has i2 Analyst's Notebook, but is not using it, this is a great course that will show your analysts and investigators what can be done at a basic level within the platform. This is also a great course if your agency is evaluating the platform to see if it's a fit for your analysts and investigators.

Each course will be broken up into four (4) sessions that will last approximately an hour each. Courses will be delivered via webinar and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor at the end of each session. The cost for each course is $80 and must be paid prior to the start of the first session. 


Tim Masshardt, Chief Intelligence Officer

Tim Masshardt is a 9-year Army veteran that served as a Russian Linguist and Intelligence Analyst during his time in the service. Tim spent a total of 16-months deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he worked as an Intelligence Analyst and served as the Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) for the Special Intelligence Cell. He also served as an Instructor at Goodfellow Air Force Base, where he taught basic and advanced analytical skills for five (5) years. 


Tim has since worked with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies for the past seven (7) years as an analyst and consultant. Tim's focus is on building up the skills and understanding of analysts to help them more efficiently fulfill their roles. He is a big advocate of the Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) model and works with agencies looking to identify new and emerging analytical technologies to bolster their Real-Time Crime & Real-Time Intelligence Centers.