With our backgrounds rooted in the military as well as experience working with law enforcement and emergency response services, we have developed a series of easy to understand and informative courses. The material that we have developed and present is not the end all, be all on these topics. We have drawn on our experiences as well as the experiences of our outside partners to create engaging experiences meant to get the audience thinking about "What's Next?" 

Our current list of training includes: (Contact us for pricing as we might be able to bundle some of our other services to provide a more cost effective solution)

Internet Safety  (1-hour session)

This training covers the difference between the internet, the deep web, and the dark web as well as how to secure social media accounts and gaming sites that children use. It provides some quick and easy adjustments you can make to social media settings to provide yourself with more layers of security.

Cybersecurity for Business (1-hour session)

Your digital footprint is more susceptible to being compromised these days compared to your actual physical footprint. Many cyber-attacks conducted against a company may have been prevented with a few simple steps. This session covers some of the basic steps that your company can take to limit your exposure to a cyber attack.

Your Digital Footprint (1-hour session)

Do you know how you can protect yourself from a cyber-attack? Did you even realize taht that someone may try to conduct a cyber-attack against you? Have you been scammed or had your identity stolen? Do you know how they were able to obtain your personal information? Get all the answers to your questions and learn about phishing, whaling, vishing, and other ways your information is being stolen. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with basic knowledge on these topics. They are meant to not only educate the audience, but are designed to get active participation. We want to engage at the lowest level and help filter the information from the bottom up. These training opportunities will be tailored to meet your time constraints.       


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